OMG Nude!!


That was the first thing everybody thought when the saw this pictures in the French tabloids.. The title said it all, first thing on our mind is nudity and tities! But then again, these are tities of a female body like many many more on the god forsaken planet.. But Wait!! Its celebrity!! Royal Tities!!


Alright, seriously now… A French Judge really forbid these picture to be published ever again only because she is married to some English royal dick? Well great.. now, what about all the other girls that are in magazines and papers? Are they going to be illegal as well? Like they are there on free will? Like they want to be there? They have to otherwise they can’t pay the bills but its legal right? Those girls all have tities as well and they look the same more or less but that is legal but this picture isn’t because its English royal?


I cheered to the French for publishing that crap, yes it’s her fault! She is royal right, so she have to behave as classy she can be, she have to consider herself like a role model for little girls who wants to be a princess one day.. Now she is teaching them how to show off your tities with tan lines.. In my opinion she is an person as well, female in this matter and not better than anybody. When your famous people takes pictures and I find it a disgrace of the free press rights that she could get that picture forbidden in France.. Well then, Miss Middleton.. From Holland..Nice rack!!