Your Picture

I’m looking at your picture,
trying to figure out the future.
Are you the one to hold on to?
The one that I always love and care,
willing to share.
My past and present life is open for you,
these I’m willing to share with you.
The question is simple,
the future that will come for us,
are we both in this and holding on?
I believe so, cause I simple know that I love you..

I’m looking at your picture,
trying to figure out why I love you the way I do.
Must be that pretty smile of yours,
or only that big brown eyes that makes me smile,
there are many ways that I find you beautiful
All of that will make me smile the present and the future
now I almost figured out why I feel about you the way I do
that my smile is staying for a while
that our relationship as it is now makes me hopeful
hoping that this last for a long time like I’m always yours

I have your face in my memory,
Now I can think of you where ever I am.
still figuring out the road ahead of us,
even though I think of all the fine things about you.
that really sweet girl you are for me
what you mean to me just being there for me
giving the thoughts that I’m happy with you
knowing that you want to be with me just the way I am
I’m willing to give the best of me to you
makes my feeling for you even growing more
willing for this relationship to grow..

I have your memory in my heart
knowing the way of this path
only I don’t know where this will go
but in time this will be known
I do hope this all is worth our time
but my feeling confers me on these thoughts
my feelings for you that say how it’s suppose to go
that we give each other everything we can
that everything turns into plan
that us can be together loving each other..

My heart is filled with believe in you
Knowing now that I fall for you
falling in love with you is all that I need to know
each day this will grow
my feelings for you gives me the feeling of happiness
happy having you near me to hold you
that warm feeling when you give me that little kiss
that means more to me than all these words I wrote on this
I hope I’m worth it for you being my girlfriend
that we have a long road to go without an end.


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