Just some words…

Hate is a strong word.. a word that is fed with feelings. the question is only, does the feelings belong with the word or is the word a simple way to explain all the feelings in combining’s with each other and that it is too much to explain. Hate is a strong word, it explains it all with just one word…
Same with the words Love and Pain… It all explains a way how you feel but it’s so more behind it all. Especially when you think about it you can find a lot of ways to explain your feelings with just one word. With love you can explain friendship or partnership. Being in love or just loving a thing. But all together it’s still that one word. With pain it can be with your body, feeling sick or breaking a bone. Feeling mentally sick about losing a friend or family member. All this and more can be explained with just a word.
Just think a moment about the word when you write or call it out. Think about it what you actually mean about it because it’s all so easy to say. Saying and meaning is two completely different things. I’m not saying I do that all the time, sometimes I do. When I do I realize that even me and people around me using some words just easy. Some use it to say it all. When do you know what people actually mean? You can’t…


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